What do we do as an Internal Communications Consultancy?

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What do we do as an Internal Communications Consultancy?

Many people have asked me what we do. We do many things, mainly consulting for organisations, discovering their problems and solving their problems.

Over the last eighteen months or so, we have worked with many organisations including large government agencies, a few multinational corporations and several family enterprises, trying to solve the problems they faced on a regular basis. Eventually, we noticed a common trend. Communication within an organisation was a problem faced by every single one of our clients.

Why we think it’s important

Eventually, we realised that most of our work revolved around internal- and employee communications-related work, so we sat down and worked systematically through our own research and other expert research to help our clients.

Many of our clients spend millions of dollars on communicating with their clients to improve their top-line. Increasing revenue is always good and sexy. However, almost all of them devote close to no budget nor time on improving communication between their staff, middle managers and leadership teams. Because having another blockbuster year in terms of revenue is so much more sexy than making employees happier and more effective.

Yet helping members of the organisation understand each other better is one of the easiest changes that each organisation can quickly improve and see results immediately.

Stress levels drop as miscommunication happens less and everyone knows the expectations and work that need to be completed. No more guesswork needed about what bosses want. Boss doesn’t need to fret as much and keep an eye on everything. Everyone becomes happier.

Time is saved as less re-working is done due to mismatched expectations and unclear instructions. No more n-th number of revisions because Boss cannot express what he wants clearly. Great for going home on time daily.

Flexibility increases as the bosses need to provide less oversight with more reliable working outcomes. Employees can work from home or from the office with equal or better work and personal outcomes.

The list goes on.

What we plan to do

As we have learned a lot from speaking with many employees in our client organisations, we intend to share all the insights we gathered with everyone in this publication, Employee Communications.

The insights from this publication come from various sources: expert research by esteemed researchers around the world, our own extensive research through interviews, observations and large scale surveys.

We hope this will be useful to everyone, and we welcome you to chip in your opinions to participate in the conversation.