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Project Description

Designing Policy Writing Interventions

Civil Service College, Government of Singapore

Internal policy documents need not be incomprehensible.

After an internal study and understanding the problems faced by our client, our company was engaged to provide an extensive advisory process to:

  1. Understand the challenges faced by policy officers in communicating their ideas
  2. Provide an analysis of these challenges
  3. Design interventions suitable to solve the problems identified

Our goal not just designing any intervention programme, but to provide the clients with the most suitable intervention programme which would be able to target the root of the problem.

To do that, we had to first understand the problems and challenges.

Providing a relevant solutions with EDGEx

Using our proprietary EDGEx Design Thinking Model, we can go a thorough and structured design process to allow for a solution which actually solves the need in the organisation, rather than solving just a hypothetical need.

This includes:

  • Empathising with the Users to understand the problems they face
  • Defining the problems and users clearly
  • Generating ideas to solve the problems identified
  • Experimenting with various prototypes, with a structured validating and testing process

We believe in solving real problems by providing effective solutions.

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