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Project Description

Using Visuals for More Effective Internal Communications

Corporate messaging does not have to be a wall of words.

Remember how, when your corporate divisions send out emails, it’s always full of text and attachments? How many of you actually read it in detail?

Many of the emails sent by corporate divisions of large organisations tend to be filled with bureaucratic jargon and catch-it-all or exclusion clauses which are difficult to comprehend and impossible to read. This is exactly why important messages get lost in large, bureaucratic organisations.

Why do we spend so much thought when communicating with our clients, and spend so little on our own people?

of employees do not know their company’s strategy

There is no excuse for bad messaging.

Given that the easiest way to get better employee engagement is simply to communicate better, there is no excuse for any organisation to not communicate to their staff clearly and effectively.

What message does it send employees, when they see millions being spent on external messaging and yet cannot understand their own leaders?

This is why we created a customised solution

The Public Service has its own culture and language. That’s why we worked with the Civil Service College to customise a solution after speaking and learning from the audience.

A good solution takes into account the cultural and operational context in which our public agencies operate in.

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The Power of Visuals: A Tool to Storytell

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