What is Internal Communications?

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What isĀ internal communications?

Sometimes also know as organisational communications or employee communications, internal communications is about how people within an organisations convey information to each other. But we can break this down into much smaller pieces to better understand the many parts and factors in internal communications.

AlfredJunior Executive
I speak regularly with my direct manager and interact daily with my co-workers. My main mode of communication within the company is via emails, instant messaging and speaking to people. I get instructions from my boss through emails mainly, and have never interacted with my company’s senior management. All I get from them are emails that they send to everybody and during annual retreats.
I am a middle manager juggling with many things happening at once. I take orders from the company leadership and have weekly meetings with them. I am in constant contact with my team, usually through email or when speaking to them individually and during meetings. I try to send instructions via emails as I am on the move a lot. I try to talk to my team when I can, but they get nervous when I speak to them
TerenceHR Manager
I am in-charge of communicating all HR matters with the rest of the organisation. I send out long mass emails to everyone to inform them about the HR policies and changes which affect them and are close to their hearts. I try to be as detailed as possible to ensure that people have a full picture of the message and include the documents in the emails for their reference. Sometimes employees email me back with questions, but I will try to avoid them or give a vague reply.
I am a member of the senior leadership of the company and have very little time.